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The quality of laboratory medical diagnostics depends fundamentally on the pre-analytics, i.e. covering the proper extraction of the test material, correct packing and transport to the laboratory.

Sample taking

To attain optimal test material we recommend that sample taking be carried out according to standardised procedures. For example: In the case of patients, who have fasted, always take the sample in the same position, either sitting or lying, and at roughly the same time of day each time.

For blood samples please note

  • Block the veins for as short a time as possible!
  • When using tubes containing an anticoagulant additive tilt the tube carefully several times directly after taking the sample in order to mix the blood and the additive. Please do not shake!
  • Do not expose blood samples to direct sunlight nor store them in the free compartment (Risk of haemolysis)!
  • Exact details on type, quantities and possible special properties of the required test material should be taken from our test directory.
  • Materials for the test sampling and dispatch can be ordered by clicking on the column Versandmaterial.

Instructions for specific sampling

If the sampling involves an unusual material please contact:
office of quality control, QMB Ms Malms-Fleschenberg.

Labelling sample material

Please state the type of test material on the sample tube. Additional designation of the sample e.g. as EDTA plasma, citrat plasma would be helpful in this case for test classification. It is also necessary to state the time the sample was taken (for example before or after any stimulation).

Identity of the sample

The identity of the submitted sample must be unequivocal before it can be processed. Please do a final check that all patient information like surname, first name, date of birth are stated on the sample tube and correspond to the information on the applicable requisition form laboratory, which is necessarily to fill out and to enclose.

Requisition form

For processing purposes a requisition form must be sent in with every sample. The information on the requisition form ensures the exact test specifications, a clear classification of the results and rapid results communication.

Please download the form provided here for laboratory analytical requirements from abroad.

Download requisition form

The requisition form has to contain the following information:

  • Patient's surname, first name and date of birth
  • Sender / hospital (stamp), ward for rapid notification of results
  • Type of test material and origin
  • Required tests

The requisition form should also contain the following information:

  • Date / time sample was taken
  • Suspected diagnosis
  • Information on clinical findings, questions, prescribed medication


Speedy and proper transport of samples to the laboratory is an important prerequisite for high quality diagnostics.
Please observe our recommendations on duration of transport, temperature control and storage of the samples.

Unless otherwise stated in the test programme the samples can be sent to us by post taking into account the legal and postal transport directives. However we would not advise dispatch at the weekend or on public holidays.

We recommend airmail for all long transport distances e.g. from abroad.


We provide laboratory analytical services for patients or doctors abroad against payment. We would be happy to give you a set quote on request.

Please understand that in the case of first-time senders or particularly cost-intensive requirements the payment for the required tests should be made in advance. Exact details on the terms of payment can be found in an applicable offer we will draw up for you on demand.

Bank Account

To transfer money to the MVZ, following invoicing, please use the following bank accounts:

Benficiary: Dr. Eberhard & Partner
Address of beneficiary:
Brauhausstraße 4, 44137 Dortmund, Germany
VAT No.: DE161566860

IBAN (international bank account No.):
Bank: Sparkasse Dortmund
Address of bank:
Freistuhl 2, 44137 Dortmund, Germany